• Anthony Wu

My August 12th Chinese Art Lecture with the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts!

Updated: Jul 30

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I've been busy the past few weeks preparing for the Fall season of Asian art auctions. This includes some consulting work for Heffel Gallery in Vancouver/Toronto and Hindman in Chicago. I have also been working on a couple of Asian art valuation and appraisal projects throughout Canada.

I should be able to get my second vaccine shot in the coming weeks. Afterwards, I plan on traveling to the USA again with trips to Boston, Chicago and New York during August and September. This is a wonderful feeling since I haven't left Canada since March of 2020, just as the pandemic was affecting North America.

From 7-8:30pm EST on August 12th, I will be putting together a Zoom lecture through the 'Explore' series of the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts (CDSA).

This lecture is titled An Introduction to the Chinese Art Market – Highlights from around the World and Canada and I will be speaking about a selection of Chinese decorative art objects including porcelain, ceramics, jade carvings, snuff bottles, furniture and paintings. I will also address the changing Chinese art market and the benefits of collecting for a new generation.

The CSDA is a charitable organization in Canada founded in 1981 by the generous support of the McDonald Stewart Foundation. CSDA provides the decorative arts community with opportunities to meet other enthusiasts, collectors, professionals and students who collectively delight in and give visibility to the diverse spectrum of material culture and design.

This lecture is sponsored by the Young Professionals and Creatives (YP&C) of the CDSA. The CSDA initiated YP&C to further its commitment to diversity and to reflect growing interest in areas such as design, architecture, fashion, and environmentally responsible practices for those in the 19-40 age group.

The cost of the ticket is $10.00 (CAD) for non-members of the CDSA. To sign up for the event, please click on this link. For membership inquiries or to find out more about the CDSA, please email this address: info@csda-ccad.org.

Selection of Chinese art objects for Anthony Wu's CDSA lecture August 12 2021

Image 1. A Selection of Chinese art categories I will be taking about including porcelain, ceramics, snuff bottles, and jade carvings.