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Anthony Wu Art Consultants offers a wide range of services for your Asian art and antique collection. We are renowned for our knowledge, customer service, efficiency and privacy. Please contact us for a free and unbiased preliminary evaluation. We are available in English and Chinese. All appraisals conform to USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). 



Object Identification

for individual or groups of items 

*A preliminary 'ballpark' evaluation over email is free of charge, while written valuations start at 50 CAD (or 40 USD) for the first item. Please send clear photos along with measurements and a brief history on when and how the object was acquired.


Fair Market Value (FMV) Appraisals

for individual or groups of items

Cultural Property Donations

gifts to museums in Canada or the USA                            

Insurance (Retail Replacement) Value

loss, theft, or damage of items

Divorce and Property Division

equal distribution of items/assets between two parties

Estate Management and Planning

Fair Market Value (FMV) Appraisals

Estate Tax Filing Appraisals

Equitable Distribution Appraisals

Probate Appraisals

Downsizing Consultation

Sales Consultation

Advice on the best avenue to sell your items, either through auction or private sales


Collection Development

Sourcing specific items to add to your collection

Advice on restorations for works of art and works on paper/canvas

Referrals for art database management specialists, art shippers and photographers

Auction House Consulting

Advice catered directly to auction houses in Canada or the USA

Fair Market Value (FMV) for object identification

Asian Art Department development

Cataloguing and sales logistics

Client development

Chinese School  Bird Scroll Mid 20th Century
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